What to look for when buying rings

What to look for when buying rings

On each item of precious metal must be worth two stamps: a sample of the product and the name of the manufacturer.

The sample is an impression of the state stamp in the form of a number, which indicates the purity of the alloy. For example, 585 g of pure gold and 415 g of associated metals per 1 kg of alloy used in the manufacture of jewelry. Anticipating questions, let’s say: from pure precious metals jewelry is not made for three reasons – too soft, as a consequence, refractory and, of course, too expensive at the output.

The denomination is the manufacturer’s mark, which contains the following cipher: company name, year of manufacture of the product and territorial inspection, to which the manufacturer belongs.

Despite the fact that the rings are not made of pure precious metals but of alloys, over time they are covered with scratches, become dark (in the case of silver) and require care. But not all rings can be restored at home.

Polishing cloth abrasive napkin is perfect for polished products made of yellow gold, pink or red gold, platinum, silver.

But you should not use it if you have purchased an item in white gold, or any matte product.

White gold may turn yellow as you use it. This does not mean that it is time to clean it with a napkin: on the contrary, you will erase the remaining white layer and completely expose the yellowish metal base. The fact is that white gold is a lightened, but still yellowish metal, which is covered with rhodium for extra whiteness. Rhodium can be renewed only in the jewelry workshop. By the way, this service is very common and you will not need to look for any particular workshop.

Same with matt rings: in an attempt to erase scratches with a polishing cloth, you polish the piece completely. You can restore a matte texture only in a jewelry workshop, or better yet – in the service of the manufacturer.

There are no ideal practical rings to pull weights or open bottles with.

But there are some tricks to choosing from:

  • If you want to choose a silver ring, it is better to choose thick texture rings. Silver is known for its softness, and this shape and texture will prevent the ring from deforming and getting scratched prematurely.
  • Matte rings, as well as polished rings, can scratch. But if you choose a coarser matte texture, this can be avoided.
  • Rhodium-plating and a softer matte texture last longer on concave rings.
  • The most comfortable rings for handshakes, gearboxes and hand work are thinner.


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