Wedding rings: the creation process

Wedding rings: the creation process

An engagement ring can hardly be called just an ornament: it is a symbol, a talisman, in fact, a deeply intimate thing, which is something much more important to its owner than just a jewelry piece.

Wedding ring is the energy center of your connection, the point, the object on which you have concentrated all the energy of love, passion, delight at the very moment when you gave them to each other. A single touch to the ring or a look at it should completely reboot your consciousness, returning you to the very moments when your emotions and feelings were beating over the edge, at the very moment when you made a decision and said “yes”. Everything happens in family life, but you must always be able to stop in time, catch your breath and get your thoughts in order. And the rings are meant to help in that!

Wedding rings don’t have to be expensive. The main value of an engagement ring is not in its value, but in those feelings, experiences, emotions and crazy energy that spouses put into it. This value is infinite, it can not be measured by anything but the feelings of the spouses themselves. THIS IS THE REAL VALUE of wedding rings.

There are wedding rings in the assortment of any jewelry shop. They cannot be blamed for lack of style or originality, but many couples leave there disappointed, not finding what was expected. In the manufacture of wedding rings to order, for you and under you, there is some magic: they are inspired by your ideas, come true thanks to the fantasy of the artist and still seem to keep the warmth of the hands of the master jeweler …

Many believe that a real engagement ring should be born for one person and die with him. Such rings from the moment of their birth are given the right energy, and from the moment of their creation they “realize” their purpose and place.

Investing a piece of soul in each of his work, the master unwittingly endows the rings with all those qualities that are then so valued by their owners …

Production of wedding rings begins with the fact that for each pair of rings master makes a new mixture of metal. Gold, platinum or silver is blended to the required sample. Next, narrow specialists are taken on to work. So it happens in the company RingStudio, one of the few companies specializing in manual production of wedding rings, and the first company in Russia, which produces wedding rings with fingerprints of spouses.

The first stage of manufacturing such rings is the most exciting and interesting. We take a fingerprint with a scanning device. And then there comes the moment of creativity: we give you the printed print together with a stencil by means of which you choose, what part of a print of a fingerprint of your favourite person will appear on your ring. At this stage, you can emphasize (or draw) some important symbol for you, a letter, a pattern – everything that is important to you, will be imprinted in the finished ring.

After that the prints are transferred to the designer, who translates them into electronic form and creates a three-dimensional (3D) model-screen print of each print. The designer then transmits the electronic version of the 3D model stencil ring to the moulder. The moulder uses a special laser equipment to cut a prototype of the future ring out of wax on this model. When the wax has cooled down and gained the necessary strength, it is filled with a special plaster solution to create a stronger prototype than the wax. When the gypsum hardens and waxes the model, it is placed in a furnace and melted with all the wax. The result is a gypsum bowl with a shape for the future ring in its heart. The plaster bowl is placed on a centrifuge, unwound and under the influence of centrifugal force is poured there molten metal. All this cools down, breaks the plaster and takes out a rough, but almost finished ring. Further the ring falls into the hands of the jeweler, who cleans it, grinds and eliminates irregularities, again grinds, giving the necessary surface texture, if necessary darkens, adapts to the desired size, eliminates technological seams.

This is how real engagement rings are born. Our craft is the coordinated and precise work of top-ranking specialists in various fields, implemented in each of our products.



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