Lifehak: How to clear the silver from blackness

Lifehak: How to clear the silver from blackness

To remove the blackness from the silver it is possible at home or in the workshop, with the help of household and professional chemistry. We figure out how to clean silver from blackness, so as not to feed jewelry stores and greedy craftsmen.

Why does silver become black at all?

Oh, it’s simple: jinx, spoilage. It’s a joke. It’s all the sulfur, or rather hydrogen sulfide, which leaves sulfide deposits on silverware. Certain concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air is always – in particular, due to automotive exhaust gases – so collectors keep silver coins in hermetic boxes and albums.

The main sources of sulfur in the apartment are ordinary natural gas, some products (onions, eggs, fish caviar) and substances such as rubber or plastic. Silver can darken rapidly due to cosmetics or medicines containing sulphur, e.g. sulfur ointments, olimethyme, corns. Even if there is no direct contact with sulfur, the metal will get its portion of sulfur from sweat.

The causes of darkening may vary. Not every deposit of silver is necessarily sulfide, it can be oxides of copper contained in the alloy and ozone exposure. Finally, ordinary dirt that is densely “saturated” on a fat base. Dust and soil are cleaned with water and soap. Soot, wax and fat are removed with solvents such as ethyl alcohol or white spirit. What is left is already a chemical compound: sulfides, oxides, chlorides, etc. The soot and fat are removed by solvents like ethyl alcohol or white spirit. Here you can try folk remedies or professional chemistry such as sodium thiosulphate or thiourea.

But you should start to clean the silver with a thorough washing in a warm soapy water solution. To be effective, you can add a few drops of ammonia and a spoonful of soda.

The silver is blackened. How do you clean in five minutes?

So, the silverware’s obscenely darkened in a year, and the guests are on their way. What are we gonna do? There are a few quick ways to clean the silver from black. The same goes for the rings. All of them are suitable for not very valuable items, as they involve the use of soft, but abrasives. The most effective material is white toothpaste without additives. We squeeze it out on a silver piece and gently wipe it with fingers or a soft toothbrush. Rinse in warm running water with soap.

Wonderfully clean silver powders such as tooth or soda. But together with the plaque they remove a layer of metal, leaving on its surface minor scratches. Such devices are harder to polish, and they will be darker now. It is especially unpleasant to wipe silvered or gold-plated products to “holes”.

If the devices are not very pathetic, you can remove them black with silver and soda, but only not dry, and wet (porridge) – so you minimize the damage.

Bleaching agents and other chlorine products should not be used: they will only speed up darkening.



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