How to find out the size of the finger of a girl: How to do it secretly and unknown

How to find out the size of the finger of a girl: How to do it secretly and unknown

There seems to be no coincidence that the symbol of the proposal made by the hand and heart of the beloved woman assigned a ring. After all, not a pendant, not earrings, not a keychain, namely, the ring can encourage even the most unromantic man to go to any feat to find the size of the finger of his lady. And then hand over the jewelry, without hiding pride – she would know what tricks he had to go to get such valuable information!

You’re probably thinking, “Can you tell me more?”… The biggest secret is sharing our experiences.


Take her ring discreetly and come straight to us! With the help of a ringer (transom) we will know the size of the finger of your girlfriend, on which she wears your brought ring. By the way, in most cases, engagement jewelry is worn on an unnamed finger of your right hand, so it is best to borrow from your favorite jewelry from this finger.

Make a shopping promenade, and at the moment when the girl’s vigilance will be put to sleep by numerous purchases, take her to the jewelry department and offer to try on everything that she likes (including rings, of course!). As carelessly as possible ask: “Oh, by the way, what is the size of your finger?”

Take advantage of the moment when she exits and look into her jewelry box. Try to remember what the ring looks like from the right finger, wrap a pencil around its inner circle. The diameter will be equal to the size of the jewelry.

Take point 3 as a basis, take a pre-purchased piece of soap, press the ring found in the soap to get a print, and bring it to us. With a caliper we will measure the diameter of the inner circle and give you the size. By the way, be sure to wash the girl’s ring before returning it to her box.

Which falls under 10 percent: you can choose a ring with the wrong width as the future engagement ring, or with the wrong finger. When ordering, be sure to inform our manager, he will help you choose the right size.


Use your friend’s help. Any girl can get information from her friend without raising suspicions. Important: Select a friend who knows how to keep a secret.

If your lover has a sister, take her with you to try on a future engagement jewelry. It’s very likely that girls have the same size fingers.

Borrow her ring and put it on your finger. Mark with a pen the level at which the ring is fixed, and for conspiracy, glue the patch. The engagement ring for her should be the same size.

Which falls under the other 50 percent: if a friend or sister fails to keep your operation a secret, the surprise will cease to be a surprise. But the information about the size of your finger will be 100% accurate! In the situation with the level of the finger markings can be erased, and then the operation will have to be performed again.


Remember what works on your favorite sedative, take advantage of it, and as soon as she falls into Morpheus’ arms, act! Take out the rope you’ve prepared, wrap it around her finger and tie it. Take it off as discreetly as possible. Bring us a rope with a knot, and we will know the size with a crossbar.

Proekzamenu our managers: ask them to match the size of the photo, or provide information about the weight and height of your future bride.

Which falls under 70 percent: It often happens that measuring with a rope shows a much larger finger size, so it’s better to order a ring half the size. Plus, this method is quite risky (it’s worth considering in advance what you’ll do if she wakes up). Determining the same size from the photo, even despite all the efforts of managers, will be highly conditional.

The conclusion is self-evident: what to do if the diameter still does not fit? Take your bride and ring Ring Studio and come to us! We will measure the finger of your lady and adjust the decoration absolutely free!

“It turns out, you can rub your fingers in the sky and order any ring?” – you ask. Of course you can, but do you agree that the methods of measurement we have described do not pull on the operation “Mission: Impossible”? In which it will be pleasant to take part directly, because this “quest” has all chances to become your first family history!



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