How to choose facial shape earrings

How to choose facial shape earrings

С Earrings are a very popular, favorite and used by many of us in everyday life jewelry accessory, often is one of the important elements of the outfit. Having the main task of adding elegance and charm to our face, earrings will be a great addition to almost any image and fit many cases.

The possibilities and applications that the choice of earrings has to offer are not limited to complementing our image in this situation. With their help, we can visually remake our appearance in various ways: depending on the need to give the face a touch of delicacy or sharpen its features, disguise some of the shortcomings and problem areas, to give expression to the face or, conversely, to make it more calm and muted.

Selecting the right jewelry and choosing them according to your style, your personality and … your appearance is not quite as simple as it may first seem. The decision on how to choose the earrings, whether to choose carnation earrings, large ring earrings or perhaps a slim pendant model is not at all obvious.

It is worth remembering the important and often underestimated “abilities” of earrings – so the choice of earrings should be dictated not only by the appearance or design of the jewelry we choose, but also by the fact that the jewelry we will wear, well match the shape of our face and allow to identify and emphasize the best in our beauty.

In the text you will find a few tips and suggestions of shapes and models that can be used when making decisions about purchasing jewelry, so that the choice of earrings is the most appropriate for each of the most typical facial shapes.

How to choose earrings. Oval face

A typical sign of an oval face is the forehead, the width of which is equal to the width of the cheeks, the forehead can be even slightly wider than them. The face narrows between the cheeks and chin to form an oval shape. A high forehead, harmonious proportions and a slightly convex chin are characteristic features of people with an oval face shape.

It is the shape of the face, which allows you to make the widest choice! Any length and all possible patterns and shapes look good in combination with this face, so the choice of earrings becomes almost a formality – almost every type of earrings will successfully perform its role, and the desired effect is achieved easily.

Both gold and silver hanging earrings, stars, scale maxi jewellery, carnations will suit you – the only limitation is your imagination!

However, you should make sure that the earrings are not too long, because there is a risk that your face will look caricaturically “drawn”. Therefore, if owners of “oval” would like to optically shorten their faces, they should avoid long narrow earrings in favor of trendy big rings! If you decide to choose diamond-shaped, square, triangular earrings, they can make your face more expressive, so you should buy at least one geometric ornament.

Triangle earrings can make an impression of quite an unusual accessory, but they will be a lively and intriguing addition to your image if you have an oval face. The geometrical motif will give your face a unique radiance, and this type of decoration will not seem boring or beaten by anyone. Especially interesting and elegant this model will be presented in combination with more daring elements of clothing, giving them a slightly futuristic character, and you will find that no one will pass by such an ornament indifferently.

How to choose earrings. Round face.

The round face is characterized by the fact that its width is greatest in the cheeks, while it narrows to both the forehead and chin. The line of the chin is also rounded. In contrast to oval, a characteristic feature of a round face is a low forehead. The face is the same width and height. However, thanks to a simple trick of choosing the right jewelry, you can easily extend it. People with round faces should wear long vertical earrings.

If you have a round face and you are wondering which earrings will help to make it look slightly slim and elongated, the answer may be the elongated earrings. If you wear this type of jewelry, your features will be visually sharper, slimmer and your face will look more like an oval than a circle. In this case, even those that reach your shoulders will work!

Round face likes geometric, angular shapes of jewelry. Triangles, squares and all kinds of wrong patterns, such as wings, will be perfect. A special kind of earrings are the so-called chandelier earrings or earrings with more complicated design. If you own a round face, never decide to wear earrings in the form of circles or disks, which will optically round your features.

How to choose earrings. Triangular face

How to choose triangular face earrings? The triangular face, also known as the heart-shaped face, has several characteristic features. First of all, the face narrows down to the chin and the forehead is the widest part. The cheekbones are often well expressed and the lower half of the face is narrower than the upper half. Wide cheekbones and narrow chin are typical features of a triangular face.

How to choose earrings. Triangular face

Therefore, when choosing earrings, it is important to slightly balance the natural shape and make it more correct by giving volume to the lower face. Therefore, the best solution is to choose short earrings. Earrings with a streamlined shape, slightly softening the features of the face, were simply created for you! Short, slim earrings that will surely highlight your strengths and will look great in combination with different styles – no matter if you are waiting for a normal day at work or at university or preparing for a great party, this model will fit any of these occasions.

Models that expand downwards and carnation earrings are also a great solution. Long hanging earrings can be useful, but only if the lower part of the ornament is much wider than the upper one. If we wear oblong, narrow (or tapering down) earrings, we will only result in unnecessary optical elongation of the face, which can make its shape more contrasting and visible.

How to choose earrings. Square face

Among the most characteristic features of a square face, we can highlight, above all, a wide jaw line and a wide forehead, which makes the width of the face the same regardless of which part we address. The cheekbones are also quite visible and can protrude. Geometric triangles, rectangles and sharp edges will not fit here.

How to choose square face earrings? The first thing to do when choosing earrings for this type of face is to soften the face and make it more streamlined, so you should focus on forms that make the “rectangular” face a little smoother and more refined. It is worth investing in jewelry with a more delicate design – a square face will look especially good if we choose earrings, a drop bezel or a ball. Trendy thick wheels – an undeniable necessity! All ovals, classic circles and streamlined earrings with the addition of pearls will add lightness and soften your face beautifully.

The narrow face, also called rectangular, has features similar to a square face: the lower jaw, cheeks and forehead are approximately the same width, but the rectangular face is much more elongated than the square face. To make the face look more streamlined, we can use rounded earrings. Avoid earrings that are more angular or excessively long, which will definitely not make your face look better.



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