How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring

What kind of girl does not dream of getting a marriage proposal from her lover? And in those dreams, she’s probably already drawn what the engagement ring should be. For a man, choosing an engagement ring can be a real challenge.


Recently a guest came to our studio with an unusual suggestion – to make for him a very ordinary ring of steel, so that he would present it to his chosen one at the engagement ceremony with the words: “This ring is a symbol, and the real you can choose yourself.

Is that a rational suggestion? Can butterflies appear in the belly and tears in the eyes if they give a steel ring? Does it turn out that the very fact of the proposal is devalued?

In any case, a young man can not refuse a skill – still he does not know what will please his beloved, and categorically refuses to make decisions for her.


Let’s move from a private case to a common one – a surprise that will be appreciated. Before you buy an engagement ring, we advise you to find out the preferences of your lady:

Open the jewelry box of your beloved. What kind of accessories does she prefer: massive or miniature, with or without diamond inserts, does she like the laconic design or does she like to experiment?

Invite your loved one to spend the evening watching a love movie. Raise your ears at the moment when the hero of a melodrama will make an offer to a girl (this moment is included in almost every melodrama, but it is desirable to learn about a particular film in advance). The reaction should be like: “God, he’s such a romantic!” or “I don’t know, I’ve never been in love with rings of stones”, or just keep quiet. The first two answers are “Bingo!”, the third one is “Bingo!” Tell me how great it would be to watch melodramas all week… In one of the movies it’s definitely going to pierce!

Ask her mother or her friends for advice. Just take a vow from them first so they won’t say a word to anyone. Girls know very well about each other’s tastes, so their advice won’t just hurt you – maybe you’ll even get the exact model of the ring you want and the size of the stone!

Write down everything you’ve learned, and come to us! Managers will tell you about the advantages of each ring, will lead you to the right showcase, so the choice will not be tiresome for you – most likely, by this time you will know exactly what your chosen one would like to get. And most importantly, all these efforts will not be in vain, because you will not have to rely on your own taste when choosing such an important gift (the main mistake of many men!), you will choose exactly what she likes.

P.S. And last but not least, a parable from our other customers. One young man wanted a chic expensive car and his girlfriend decided to give him this gift, but added some decorative elements from herself, so that he understood that the gift was made with soul: the car was made in the best pink colors, the interior smelled of fruit gum and the steering wheel was covered with rhinestones. Do you think the young man was happy with such a long-awaited and valuable, seemingly, gift?



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