Earrings that women can’t wear 50+

Earrings that women can’t wear 50+

Jewelry is an important detail of any image. They have a lot to say about their owner, so choose them carefully and correctly.


Plastic costume jewelry looks cute on teenagers and young girls, but not on ladies of elegant age. It is almost the same as, for example, bicycles: if a woman in her 50s decides to wear them, it will seem that she is trying to young, and she does not succeed. Excessive simplicity of such earrings only makes a woman older. It is better to replace them with laconic pussets, medium size rings or minimalist earrings in the form of flowers.


This is another attribute of teenage childish fashion, which does not fit the image of an adult woman at all. In addition, too bright a shade of earrings can attract extra attention, for example, wrinkles on the neck or sagging skin on the cheeks. If you want to add color to your image, it is better to choose earrings with small colored stones, minerals or enamel inlays – they look more elegant and feminine, they match your age, but at the same time look interesting and add a note of originality.

With weighty stones.

Women of elegant age should give up excess in all its forms. For example, massive earrings richly decorated with weighty stones. At the very least, they will stretch their earlobes, at the very most, they will “eat” your face, and nobody will notice you behind them. Besides, this decoration makes your face look heavy.

Massive mono earrings.

They often look quite youthful, especially large avant-garde options. Women over 50, of course, can wear mono earrings, but more accurate and unpretentious models. For example, a large multi-story earring is unlikely to fit into an elegant image, but a neat “drop” or pearl thread – quite.

“Chinaman” with gilding.

Cheap costume jewellery does not paint a lot, but sometimes in this segment you can find good options. However, at an elegant age it is worth giving up such experiments. Cheap shine of gilding will cheapen the image, make the complexion dull. If there is no possibility to wear jewelry, it is better not to wear earrings at all, or carefully look for a quality replacement in the mass market.

Ironic earrings

Also do not be fond of “children’s” earrings in the form of berries, seals, lollipops and so on. At best you’ll look ridiculous, at worst you’ll go for the urban crazy. Alternatively, there will be minimalistic flower-shaped carnations or, for example, neat pusets.



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